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Why 3natural Bionutrition?

Nutrition is much more complex than counting calories, macronutrients and meal planning. 3natural Bionutrition takes an all-natural scientific approach. We know that everyone's goals are not the same. Want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Feel better? Increase performance? Let 3natural Bionutrition find the right all-natural formula for your health, fitness, and performance goals.


Everything we recommend is 100% all-natural and won't promote any adverse effects. Our nutritionist keeps an eye on the nutrition industry. Learn more»


We develop our strategies using science and analytics. It's amazing what a small blood sample can tell you. Learn more»

Who Should Join 3natural Bionutrition?

Performance Driven

Are you required to consistently perform at optimal levels to satisfy the needs of your profession? If so let a certified nutritionist develop the right all-natural plan for you. If your profession doesn’t focus on physical performance your life does. We’re all required to perform in some capacity on a daily basis. Developing an individualized all-natural nutrition plan can significantly increase your performance.

Health Conscious

Everyone’s goals are different. Some want to lose weight, others want to gain muscle. With the guidance of a certified nutritionist, we can develop the right all-natural plan for every individual.


Whether you’re a major sports athlete, ex-athlete or an amateur trying to reach a goal. Our certified nutritionist is a former Division 1 Football Athlete with the LSU Tigers. Find out just how important good nutrition is to gain a competitive advantage.

Health Stricken

If you were recently diagnosed with a medical condition, nutrition can possibly play a major role in your recovery. Developing an individualized all-natural diet can help target certain aspects of your health.


Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. Dieting fads, confusing labels, and misinformation can make it feel impossible. Let a certified nutritionist from 3natural Bionutrition steer you in the right direction.

What to Expect

  • Knowledgeable Certified Nutritionist
  • Up to Date Methods
  • Better Health and Fitness
  • Better Planning and Preparation
  • Always All-natural
  • Dedicated Support

What People Are Saying

I can tell from his body structure and stance that he stays in shape and eats very well. He also went out of the way and came to my home to run a diagnostic scan. While doing those scans he also goes into depth about nutrition, and what you think may be healthy may end up being the very opposite of that. We even discussed certain exercises and what causes one part of the body to be stronger than the other.

I want to thank Trey Triplette with all of the knowledge he has provided me to live a better day every day.  No BS, I highly recommend Trey as an above and beyond nutritionist.  He can turn your life around.

— Kevin Nguyen, Member

3natural Bionutrition is great! Trey Triplette has helped my body recover in multiple ways from lack of digestion to minimizing inflammation while improving athletic performance all naturally through foods and several supplements.

— Cyrus Washington, 5x Muay Thai World Champion

Trey Triplette is an awesome nutritionist that changed our lives with his expertise. We changed our diet and supplemental intake after doing a 1 on 1 with Trey. The pounds starting dropping & our energy levels increased. Thanks Trey!!!

— Corey Roberts, Former NFL Football Player

Trey has been a great help as he has worked with more than one of my fighters. He helped these athletes get to the root of their problem and get back on track quick. As they can continue to prepare for upcoming competitions I have seen a significant difference in their overall health and performance. Thank you, Trey!!! If you are looking to work with someone that is professional, extremely knowledgeable and caring. Get with this man ASAP!

— Lauren Soliz, General Manager 4 oz. Fight Club

I’ve been working with Trey Triplette and 3natural Bionutrition for a while now. I’ve always tried to eat what I thought were the right things, especially getting ready for a fight. But you don’t really know exactly what your body needs by just guessing. By testing your blood (3NB) is able to see what you’re deficient in and what could possibly aid in getting your body working at optimum efficiency. I’ve never felt better in my fights and in training. Trey Triplette is always available for questions that you have about supplements and foods and is a great dude. I highly recommend using this company if you want to be the healthiest you possible.

— Casey Jones, Professional MMA Fighter

Trey and his practice are amazing! I am a professional track athlete and he has the incredible knowledge to adequately address my goals and training needs. He understands no person is the same and is able to provide realistic recommendations to reach any goal. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their nutrition through healthy food and not just add-on supplements.

— Aasha Marler, Professional Track Athlete

Thanks Trey…it’s not just about what you should or shouldn’t eat but the total you!!! Tools and resources that help you make a lifestyle change that’s specifically customized for your body, your life and your medical history.

— Andrea Benton, Member

I’m a Triathlete and have done a half marathon. I’ve been using Trey’s services for months. I have seen improvements in my performance. Based on the results from my extensive biomarker test, Trey was able to recommend a healthy diet and organic, non-gmo supplements to help me with my training and recovery. I’m preparing for IronMan 70.3 Texas and there is no doubt that Trey’s plan will be a big factor in my success.

Trey is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met when It comes to nutrition. His process and attention to detail have been a game changer for me. His thought process on understanding YOUR nutrition makeup is very different than what you see everywhere else. He takes the time figure out where you strong and need improvement and creates a balanced plan catered to you. There is not a cookie cutter approach when it comes to Trey’s plans. You won’t be disappointed.

— Chauncey Bogan, Triathlete

Trey was very helpful. He gave me detailed nutrition plans that told me exactly what to eat and when to eat the meals. I am a college athlete and his nutrition plan really helped me get my body to where I wanted to be this offseason. I would definitely recommend using the 3natural Bionutrition services for any athletes out there looking to improve there performance.

— K.j. Macdonald, NCAA Football Player

The information provided by 3natural Bionutrition is very useful. The website contains interesting articles and information that has been extensively researched and I have found to be trustworthy. Based on the advice I’ve received, I am now taking various recommended supplements and have noticed a positive change in my wellbeing. They are also quickly responsive to inquires. I often recommend this company to others.

— Angelica Aguilar, Member

3natural Bionutrition’s advice has helped me live a more holistic lifestyle from recommendations on what grocery stores to get certain items to what supplements to take for deficiencies. Since working with them I’ve shed over 20 pounds of body fat and spring out of bed instead of rolling out of it.

— Doug Sullivan, Member

As a personal trainer, I have referred several clients to 3natural Bionutrition. I believe in his concept of nutrition and the unbelievable high standard that he delivers.

I personally have followed 3natural Bionutrition nutrition’s protocols and absolutely love them. I have had unbelievable success again not only with myself but with my clients as well.

Thank you so much keep doing what you’re doing.

— Adrian Van der Walt, Owner Train Smart Method “Muscle Activation” SD

Trey is very knowledgeable and was very helpful in building a specific plan to help me reach my goals. Also I was having technical difficulties with my internet. But trey was patient and found a way to work around it so that he could still communicate with me. He does a great job.

— Jonathan Grant, Member

Great program with great communication and ongoing support. If you want a personalized comprehensive and detailed all-natural nutrition program to reach your goals and perform better 3natural Bionutrition is it. They have everything you need and want related to natural nutrition. It’s great to have your blood data utilized to not only to see where you actually are but to create your nutrition program and then track your health and fitness. It’s not complicated or tricky either. It’s well planned and implemented in phases so it’s not at all overwhelming. Highly recommended.

— Crunch Fitness

By far the best experience I have had with any nutrition/diet program and I’ve tried just about all of them. I was suffering from a myriad of health issues including diabetes, inflammation, NAFLD & excess weight. Through the Digital Performance BioAnalytics program I was able to successfully treat ALL of my ailments including diabetes naturally. 3natural Bionutrition went above and beyond pleasantly exceeding my expectations. Trey is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, passionate, makes the entire process stress free, provides excellent ongoing support and your program is created just for you based on your lifestyle needs. They really have something for everyone from athletes to working professionals. Just do what he says. It works

— Carson Thompson, Member

Trey is by far the most knowledgeable nutritionist I have worked with, but was sets Trey apart is his willingness to go above and beyond. He follows up routinely and makes sure you have all the information you need to successfully implement a plan. I highly recommend Trey for anyone serious about getting their health on the right track.

— Michael Caine, Member

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